Wood Look Tile Flooring

1. Glazed, wooden look, ceramic wood look tile flooring 2. Available sizes: 150*600mm wood tile 3. First choice, Grade AAA wood look tile flooring 4. Water absorption: around1-3% wood tile 5. The best flooring tiles of living room, hotel, office and so on 6. Heat-insulation, Wear-resistant, Acid-resistant, Firebrick, Non-slip

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Product Details

wood look tile flooring

1.Product information

1. Glazed, wooden look, ceramic wood look tile flooring  

2. Available sizes: 150*600mm wood tile

3. First choice, Grade AAA  wood look tile flooring

4. Water absorption: around1-3% wood tile

5. The best flooring tiles of living room, hotel, office and so on     

6. Heat-insulation, Wear-resistant, Acid-resistant, Firebrick, Non-slip


2.Product Feature:

1.5D ink jet& SLS stereo imaging: Adopt advanced five-dimensional colorful ink technology and SLS stereo imaging, restore natural wood look tile flooring texture. Unique" operation of the texture function" system, create 0 repeat stone texture, each tile cannot be duplicated.

2.Smart fold glaze: Use the imported nano crystal glaze material and smart fold glaze technology, make the surface of the product super wear-resistant, anti-scratch and anti-fouling.

3.Non-slip and more safe  

4.Anti-fouling and more clear  

5.Environmental protection and more health

3.Product Detail:






5.Our Factory



6. Why choose HANSE?

1.higher technique required, better performance

2.Smooth texture and varieties of patterns

3.More three dimensional, enhance stereoscopy

4.Made by inert material, obtained superior physical and chemical properties

5.Enjoy a good reputation and provide friendly services

6.High hardness and good abrasion and resistance

7.Closer to natural stones, soft color.



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