Light Wood Tile

Tile Type: light wood tile
Technology: Glazed wood tile
Material: ceramic tile
Size: 150x600mm light wood tile
Thickness: 9.5mm

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Product Details

light wood tile

1. Product parameter

Tile Type: light wood tile

Technology: Glazed wood tile

Material: ceramic tile

Size: 150x600mm light wood tile

Thickness: 9.5mm

Water Absorption:6-8%

Surface Treatment: Matt

Function:  Acid-resistant, Antibacterial, Non-slip, Wear-resistant, Waterproof

Usage: Interior/Outdoor Tiles

Product Of Feature: Resistance to fading, standing, discoloration, easy to clean.

super wear-resistant, anti-scratch and antifouling

Non-slip and more safe wood tile

anti-fouling and more clean

Environmental protection and more health

2.Product Detail





3. How to choose wooden tile?

First, buy wood tile skills - less texture

Second, the choice of wooden tiles kills - redesign

Third, the choice of wood tile skills - know the technology

Fourth, the choice of wood grain tiles skills - product feel

Fifth, the choice of wood grain tile skills - see after-sales

Sixth, the choice of wood grain brick skills - reward results

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5. Product Line





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