White Bathroom Wall Tiles

1. Product parameter Features : 1) Available in many designs, specifications and assorted color, unique designs and exclusive quality 2) Used for indoor & outdoor wall and floor decorations, building exterior, 3) Easy to install, anti-dust, washable, acid-proof, alkali-proof, durable 4)...

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Product Details

1. Product parameter


 White bathroom wall tiles

Tile Type

Wall tile


Ceramic travertine wall tiles


10% wall tiles


300x200mm wall tiles




can be made by customer's requirement

Features :

1)  Available in many designs, specifications and assorted color, unique designs and exclusive quality

2)  Used for indoor & outdoor wall and floor decorations, building exterior,

3)  Easy to install, anti-dust, washable, acid-proof, alkali-proof, durable

4)  Material: porcelain

5)  Customized sizes available according to clients’ requirements

6)  Available dimensions

7)  Usage: Suitable for house, office building, high-grade hotel, airport, shopping mall, deluxe clubs floor and wall tiles.



Production Technical

1. Pressed: through high pressure, Vibrated under vacuum condition.

2. Processes fully automatic 36-unit to fix thickness, grind and polish.

3. Non-porous surface make sure its incomparable characteristic of high

resistance to abrasion, compression, scratch, heat, corrosion and penetration etc.

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white bathroom wall tiles (2)

white bathroom wall tiles (4)

white bathroom wall tiles (3)

white bathroom wall tiles (1)

2. How to choose bathroom wall tiles

In the bathroom decoration, the selection of bathroom wall tiles is very entangled. In fact, there are many things to be aware of when selecting wall tiles in the bathroom. So how to choose the bathroom wall tiles?

First, wear-resistant and dirtiness durability

toilets are also the most easily to become dirty, so we must consider this factor when choosing wall tiles, the purchase of wall tiles It must not be easily scratched. Once scratches are present, it is easy to leave dirt and it is difficult to clean, which makes the whole space a very dirty visual effect.

Second, the quality

clearance is not only the wall tile but also to buy other things, pay attention to quality problems, check the quality of the wall tiles firstly from the side to see whether the wall tiles are flat, and then knock the wall tiles by hand, the sound is crisp The wall tiles are the best wall tiles, and the bathroom wall tiles are not easily damaged and easy to clean.

Third, Coordination Match

It is a very important factor to coordinate the beauty of things. When purchasing, we can't just look at the wall tiles themselves, but look at them as a whole, and look at the color and style of the selected wall tiles. Whether it matches the style of the bathroom and the bathroom products, so that your bathroom looks more uniform and coordinated.

Fourth, low water absorption rate

This room is no more than the rest of the home, it is the most humid space in the whole family, so moisture is the most important requirement for the bathroom wall tiles. The so-called moisture-proof means that the wall and the floor of the bathroom can not receive the influence of moisture, so it is necessary to ensure that the water absorption rate of the wall tiles is very low, so as to create a clean environment.

Fifth, Non-slip.

The floor of the non-slip bathroom often has water. If the floor is smooth, it is easy to cause the family to slip and suffer serious damage. Choose glazed tiles with sufficient glaze. If the glazing is insufficient or not glazed. It will be smooth, and the longer it will be, the smoother it will be.


3. Packing&shipping






5. Production Equipment



6.How to clean the wall tiles

The bathroom wall tiles are very easy to hide, so everyone needs to clean regularly. But for the stubborn stains on the bathroom wall tiles. So how to clean the bathroom wall tile?

First, the cleaning of ordinary stains

For the ordinary stains on the bathroom wall tiles, you can use a soft dry rag. If you encounter a stain that must be cleaned with water, use a cloth that has been soaked and wrung out to a non-drip cloth. Open the doors and windows immediately after cleaning to allow air to circulate.

Second, the cleaning of special stains

1, the cleaning of the oil stains If the oil on the tiles or the gap is really thick, you can first use a shovel to shovel, or use a steel ball to clean first. After the stain is thinned, clean it with a detergent containing acidic or dissolved ingredients.

2, the cleaning of soap scales You can first wash the soap scale on the wall tiles with warm water, so that it is dissolved and then gently wiped with a brush. Alternatively, a solution of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid may be used, which is dropped onto the tile surface and allowed to stand for a few minutes before wiping.

3, rust cleaning For the bathroom wall tiles, the rust can be washed with 2% oxalic acid solution, and then wiped with water. Alternatively, it can be pulverized with 3-4 vitamin C tablets, sprinkled on the surface of the tile, and then rinsed several times with water.


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