• White Glass Mosaic Tile

    White Glass Mosaic Tile

    The features of the mosaic: 1,Made of glass, safest materials, outstanding environmental protection material. 2,Tonal downy, simple, elegant, beautiful , good chemical stability, cold and hot stability, 3,Dust-proof ,the color never fade, bonding tightly. 4,Compressive...Read More
  • Black Glass Mosaic Tile

    Black Glass Mosaic Tile

    1.Glass mosaic Description Easy to install Backsplash Tiles Wholesale Glossy Mix Glass Mosaic Tiles Many types of marble mosaics for your choice Import to Spain, Italy, USA etc Designed by Italy designer We can customize by customer's requirements, please send us with...Read More
  • Black And White Wall Tiles

    Black And White Wall Tiles

    1.Product Description Mosaic tile feature 1) High and temperature resistance 2) washable and sturdy 3) Dust-proof and therefore the color ne'er fade 4) Usage on wall ,household, floor, out floor, swimming bath etc 5) Acid-proof and alkali-proof 6) on the market in several...Read More
  • Aqua Mosaic Tile

    Aqua Mosaic Tile

    1.Mosaic tile Description Product Name: Aqua mosaic tile Material: Glass mosaic Shape: Square Sheet size: 305x305mm Thickness:4/6/8mm Mosaic advantages •Environmental friendly •Easy Install and Maintain •Amazing color vary and style •Stable chemical performance •outstanding...Read More
  • Brown Ceramic Tile

    Brown Ceramic Tile

    1.Ceramic tile parameter Ceramic tile Advantage 1. 100% duplicate of Natural marble and showing the charm of the stone. 2. Mohs Hardness>6,not easy scratch on surface. 3. a lot of space Tile will with success higher the achromatic color to forty degrees, maximally...Read More
  • Ceramic Tile Dealers

    Ceramic Tile Dealers

    1.Product parameter Carrara white marble floor tiles 60x60 is glazed ceramic ware tile. Nowadays ,real marble goes to be rather more costly. This ceramic ware tile may be a excellent replacement. This ceramic ware tile may be employed in the wall or floor. The surface is that...Read More
  • Cream Ceramic Tile

    Cream Ceramic Tile

    beige ceramic tile bathroom,beige ceramic tile, beige porcelain floor tile,beige tile bathroom,ceramic tiles, cream colored porcelain floor tile,cream tile floor,floor tiles ceramicRead More
  • Green Ceramic Tile

    Green Ceramic Tile

    1 Product parameter 2. The difference between semi-glaze tile and full glazed polished glaze tile There are many types of ceramic tiles, with semi-glazed tile and full-glazed tile. What is the difference between them? What are their respective characteristics? Semi-polishing...Read More
  • Grey Ceramic Tile

    Grey Ceramic Tile

    1.Product Description Glazed polished tile is more colorful than the polished tile, and the degree of simulation is high. Glazed polished tile is combining the advantages of the antique and polished tiles. It’s polishing the tile surface on the basis of the glazed tile. The...Read More
  • Large Ceramic Tile

    Large Ceramic Tile

    1.Product Description 1.Higher technique required, better performance give. 2.Smooth texture and varieties of patterns. 3.More three dimensional, enhance stereoscopy. 4.Made by inert material, obtained superior physical and chemical properties. 5.High hardness and good...Read More
  • Outdoor Ceramic Tile

    Outdoor Ceramic Tile

    1.Product Description 1: Items: glazed porcelain tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles, outdoor ceramic tile 2: Material: glazed outdoor porcelain tiles 3: Water absorption:<0.5% 4: Surface treatment: Nonslip surface 5: Thickness:2CM 6: Size: 600x600 1.International advanced...Read More
  • Small Wall Tiles

    Small Wall Tiles

    1.Product Description Own factory can produce high quality of the ceramic wall tile in different sizes, colors and designs. with special surface treatment as rustic,metallic,3D ink jet printing various designs. The finished products in high quality and good looking surface....Read More

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