• Porcelain Glazed Tile Flooring

    Porcelain Glazed Tile Flooring

    Porcelain glazed tile flooring is a type of china ceramic floor tiles that is characterized by being stronger, harder, purer, and more water-resistant than ordinary ceramics—which are already quite durable. porcelain glazed tile flooring achieves this by using clays with...Read More
  • Ceramic Granite Floor Tiles

    Ceramic Granite Floor Tiles

    Ceramic granite floor tiles is a kind of glazed polished tile, just the pattern like granite. Extremely low water absorption makes ceramic granite floor tiles frost-resistant and allows it to be used at countries with low temperatures. Product Description Appearance ceramic...Read More
  • Iridescent Mosaic Tile

    Iridescent Mosaic Tile

    Product Description Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant Temperature-resistant, chemical-resistant Water absorption :below 0.2% Washable, no radiation Application: With exquisite and smooth design ,fashionable colors ,Ceramic mosaic is suitable for various construction and...Read More
  • Linear Glass Mosaic Tile

    Linear Glass Mosaic Tile

    Product Description What are the decorative advantages of glass mosaic? Nowadays, mosaics are used in many places in home decoration, and mosaics are often found in some public places. 1.Second, the personality design mosaic with small body, varied specifications, rich...Read More
  • Mirror Mosaic Tiles

    Mirror Mosaic Tiles

    Product parameter Beveled glass mirror is produced by high quality silver float glass silver mirror, aluminum glass mirror and copper free silver glass mirror. Glass sheet can be cut into various size, and glass edge can be deep processed by beveled, polishing, roughly...Read More
  • Mirror Wall Tiles

    Mirror Wall Tiles

    Product Description Mosaic is a nice ornament, and tea mirror mosaic is one of them. If we use mirror mosaic when we decorate, I believe there will be another style. So, what are the characteristics of mirror mosaic? First, strong decorative Mirror mosaic uses the form of...Read More
  • Pink Mosaic Tiles

    Pink Mosaic Tiles

    Product Description Features of the mosaic: 1. Ultra strong stick force The self-adhesive we used American 3M two-sided glue with excellent viscous force, may adopt the north and south ambient temperature (-30°C to 80°C), avoids the phenomenon of pellet falling. 2. Ultra...Read More
  • Purple Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Purple Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Product parameter Features: 1.Environmental friendly 2.Zero water absorption 3.Durable and Fadeless 4.Easy to clean and maintain 5.High and low temperature resistance 6.Acid-proof and alkali-proof 7. Good quality adhere which stick very firmly and avoid the piece go off 8)...Read More
  • Rectangular Mosaic Tiles

    Rectangular Mosaic Tiles

    What is mosaic? What kind of material of mosaic tiles? What is mosaic? The mosaic is more used in the bathroom of our home, and it can be used as an embellishment to bring a very good decorative effect. So, do you know about mosaics? 1.the decorative effect The size of such...Read More
  • Red Mosaic Tile

    Red Mosaic Tile

    Product Description Glass mosaic features: * Environmental protection, no radiation * Zero maintenance, low cost, easy construction * Soft color, beautiful, bright and elegant, non-fluorine, non-toxic, non-radioactive * Long-lasting effect, not easy to separate, lightweight...Read More
  • Small Mosaic Tiles

    Small Mosaic Tiles

    1.Product Description 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic tiles? Tiles are an important part of the decoration materials, and the choice of tiles should be especially cautious. In recent years, mosaic tiles appearing on the market have been favored by many...Read More
  • Teal Mosaic Tile

    Teal Mosaic Tile

    1. Product parameter 1. Material: Glass 2.Size:300x300 3. Water absorption nearly 0. 4. Customized specifications (material, color, size, packing, etc.) and designs available according to clients' requirements . 5. Used for indoor & outdoor wall and floor decoration,...Read More

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