• Gray Bathroom Floor Tile

    Gray Bathroom Floor Tile

    Gray is often considered a bland, boring shade for decorating. With the right approach, though, gray can work in a beautiful, elegant, or even quirky bathroom. These beautiful gray bathroom floor tile should renew your love of this timeless, classic shade. The Matt tile means...Read More
  • Large White Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Large White Ceramic Floor Tiles

    This large white ceramic floor tiles is 800x800 with polished and high gloss finish. Inkjet technology offers the very best in tile design. Offering excellent color range, sharp details and exceptional variation, inkjet technology will create a tile that is stunningly...Read More
  • Ceramic Wall And Floor Tiles

    Ceramic Wall And Floor Tiles

    We’re usually asked what the distinction is between ceramic wall and floor tiles. sure enough it’s pretty simple, maybe someone think they are no the same things. However recently, because of design trends and improved technology there’s heaps of crossover between ceramic...Read More
  • Shiny Ceramic Floor Tile

    Shiny Ceramic Floor Tile

    This is a marble effect shiny ceramic floor tile which provides an easy way of taking plain spaces and transforming them into great living spaces. The shiny surface brings depth and color into your room. They are great for bedrooms, living room and dining areas and look...Read More
  • White Glazed Ceramic Tile

    White Glazed Ceramic Tile

    White glazed ceramic tile help create a timeless, minimal mood in any space. They help to turn any living room into a space where people can recharge and reboot themselves. Complemented by wooden furnishings, white glazed ceramic tile add a natural feel to the space. Our...Read More
  • Glazed Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

    Glazed Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

    Glazed porcelain ceramic tiles can be finished any number of ways, and it’s important to know what you want and how to care for it. A rectified tile has a perfectly smooth 90° cut corner, while a pressed tile is one that is first pressed in a machine and then baked so the...Read More
  • Porcelain Or Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Porcelain Or Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Tile is a building material known for its durability, moisture resistance and low maintenance requirements. Before you buy floor tiles 600x600mm, it's important to decide what material you want to use, porcelain or ceramic floor tiles? ceramic tile porcelain tile are the...Read More
  • Porcelain Tile Glazed Finish

    Porcelain Tile Glazed Finish

    You've in all probability seen porcelain tile glazed finish at some point, Common to house (especially living and bedroom), porcelain glazed tile flooring is loved for its shiny beauty and sturdiness. The glazed end covers the natural porous surface of the tile. Porcelain...Read More
  • Unglazed Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Unglazed Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Polished ceramic tile is a kind of unglazed ceramic floor tiles which is polished by the surface of the full body. The polished ceramic tile surface is much cleaner than the full body. The unglazed ceramic floor tiles are hard and wear resistant and are suitable for use in...Read More
  • Dark Gray Ceramic Floor Tile

    Dark Gray Ceramic Floor Tile

    Liven up any room with the dark gray ceramic floor tile. This FOSHAN porcelain tiles with polished finish. dark gray ceramic floor tile collection features a natural stone look, complete with sweeping tonal veins and clouds. This beautiful ceramic tile 24x24 is well suited to...Read More
  • Ceramic Tile Porcelain Tile

    Ceramic Tile Porcelain Tile

    The terms ceramic tile porcelain tile are often used interchangeably as if they were the same thing. tile manufacturers often claim a world of difference between the two in order to justify FOSHAN porcelain tiles cachet and its higher prices. Product Description Ceramic tile...Read More
  • Dark Brown Ceramic Tile

    Dark Brown Ceramic Tile

    The warmth of dark brown ceramic tile is great for creating a copy atmosphere and for rooms with irresistible charm. There are many shapes designed especially for floors that are ideal for covering large areas or for giving unique personality to rooms in homes with smaller...Read More

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