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What Tiles Are Better In The Living Room And What Needs To Be Noticed In The Living Room Decoration?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The choice of ceramic tile for the entire home decoration is crucial, especially the choice of living room tiles. Floor tiles are laid out, which can make the poorly-lit units become beautiful. The living room to show the main decoration style of a home, is the main place for people to pick up, so the choice of living room tiles must also be taken into account and decoration style match. Therefore, when decorating the living room, be careful.

The choice of size Living room tiles popular on the market the main specifications are two 600 * 600 and 800 * 800. Of course, there are some other specifications 1 m, 300 and so on. So so many specifications of the tiles we should choose? According to the shop area and the placement of furniture to choose from. Since 600mm bricks per unit area are larger than those of 800mm bricks, a visual expansion of the space is possible, while the scrap rate at the corners is lower than 800mm bricks while the space is 800 Even the brick 1 meter specifications appear atmosphere. Therefore, it is recommended that floor space less than 40 square meters is 600mm, while floor space larger than 40 square meters is 800mm or one meter. It is noteworthy that, if the furniture in the room is too much (such as bedroom), cover a large ground, it is best to use 600mm floor tiles.

Renovation is a time-consuming matter. We all want to make permanent use of it at one time. Because it would be particularly troublesome if the tiles were not selected for quality problems to be repaired or replaced. Therefore, we should choose a good tile brand when selecting ceramic tiles, and choose a product quality service that is guaranteed.

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