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Tiles Buy What Skills?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Chinese medicine treatment needs "look, smell, ask, cut", now when buying tiles, we can go through the "listen, water, cut, see" four aspects to confirm the quality of inspection tiles.

1. "listen": Use one thumb, forefinger and middle finger to clip a corner of the tile, and hang it easily. The other index finger taps on the lower part of the tile. If the voice is clear and sounds like the top grade, if the sound is bored and the turbidity is defective, it will be inferior.

2. "Water": the water droplets on the reverse side of the tile, water, moisture slowly spread the tile density, as the top grade.

3. "Cut": Look at the cracks in the tiles. Cracking is fine, hard and brittle, and the color is common.

4. "Look": Under the irradiation of natural light or fluorescent light, the bricks should be surveyed one meter away, and the glazed defects should not be visible. The pattern should be exquisite, vivid, and there is no obvious lack of color. Broken lines, dislocation and other shortcomings; negative shades, trademarks and other clear, complete, rare glaze or defect; will be a group of goods straight on a flat surface, have a look good and bad phenomenon; pick a smooth surface of the glass , Plastic board, tabletop or ceramic tile, the side of the brick and the front close to parallel to the surface in close contact with the flat side of the investigation and surface warpage degree. You can also close the edges of two bricks together to see if there are any gaps.

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