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Modern Decoration What Kind Of Brick, Tile Selection Tips
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Floor tiles now more mature technology, we can choose according to personal preferences tile type. Because of its hard texture, pressure and wear-resistant and moisture-proof, impermeable water and many other advantages, has been favored by many consumers, most of the family decoration is an indispensable material. Relevant surveys show that at least half of the families in the decoration will choose half a pack of forms, that owners buy their own ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, paint and other materials.

From the material of the tile, the best quality all-ceramic floor tiles, mainly: jade, full cast glaze, glass polished tiles, all-ceramic Matt brick. Its flexural strength and wear resistance are the best. Including microcrystalline jade and full cast glaze, are in the base of all-ceramic embryo added a layer (glass-ceramic or glaze layer) treatment layer, the decorative effect of this product will be more prominent, but in the choice of time to pay attention Choose good quality products, some low-end products or OEM products, the new treatment layer and the whole porcelain embryo bonding strength is poor, easily lead to cracking and other problems cracking.

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