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Home Improvement Ceramic Tile More In Doubt
- Mar 08, 2018 -

The question of the presentation of many ceramic tiles has a lot to do with the use of bonding data. Most home decorating is still using cement tiles. Therefore, more common home improvement questions mainly reflected in the ceramic tile in three aspects: First, the wall is difficult, paste is not strong; Second, paste the porcelain presented a brief yin and yang; Third, paste the brick after a period of time appears hollowing, loose, falling scene. Cement as the primary bonding material has played a very important role for a long time in the past, but with the accelerating pace of replacement of ceramic tile products, the traditional construction of cement bonding also presents various disadvantages.

1. The bonding principle of cement has determined the difficulty of applying low-absorbent ceramic tiles to walls: cement is a hydrophilic substance that undergoes hydration reaction and can be bonded at the interface. The water absorption rate of the existing tile product is zero at all, and this results in the difficulty of applying the cement to the wall. Conventional solutions will be fixed on the back of the tile copper wire, but the adhesion is only on the copper wire, the future may still fall.

2, the flow of cement led to the follow-up question of the attack: before the tiles paving brick wet wall before construction. Porcelain absorbs a lot of moisture during the soaking process. Some water molecules can escape through the gap after laying, some of the water molecules remain in the brick, and then cause different shades of color. As for the laying of tiles for a period of time, the ceramic tiles are empty, dropped, etc., which is mainly determined by the characteristics of the cement itself. The construction of cement is a thick slurry construction. After water loss and solidification, it is susceptible to aging and cracking, which in turn affects the emptying and falling of tiles.

3. The cement construction method has created many human losses and capital dregs. The traditional cement pavement by the decorator site cement and sand with the feeling after mixing construction. Not only cumbersome construction, materials and more, and the construction of the master's health will also have a certain impact.

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