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Common Problems And Treatment Methods For Wall Tiles
- May 11, 2018 -

1, ceramic wall tile hollowing is the most common problem, mainly because the wall tile soaking time is not enough, the bonding material is not solid and the grass-roots is not handled cleanly. Generally speaking, when the tile is re constructed, the soaking time can not be less than 2 hours, and the thickness of the bonding should be controlled between 6-10 millimeters. When the adhesive is started, the tile should be tightly adhered to the bottom and can be gently knocked by wooden hammers to make it more suitable. When the tiles are empty, they should remove the tiles, thoroughly remove the original mortar, and then apply the cement mortar to the normal procedures and paste the tiles.



2, ceramic wall tile joints are not straight and tight, the main reason for this phenomenon is improper construction and specifications of tiles. Construction should be carefully selected tiles, if attached to the same wall, must be labeled, if the standard point, the best to rely on the ruler, no paste after a line, should be in time to use a ruler to vertical check, timely correction.

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In addition, after the completion of the decoration, we should pay special attention to whether there are cracks in the tiles, whether the corners are damaged, whether it will be skewed or not. The surface of wall tiles should be neat, neat and neat. The wall tiles must be adhered firmly, and the patterns are arranged reasonably. The tile joints are dense, straight, wide, narrow and uniform. The parts of the non - whole tiles are properly arranged and arranged straight. The size of the reserved hole is correct and the edge is neat.

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