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5 Steps Identification Of Ceramic Tiles
- Mar 29, 2018 -

In fact, there are many types of tiles on the market, and manufacturers are priced according to different types of products. For example, microcrystalline stone, prices are generally higher, because the microcline high demands on the technology and material, and polished tiles, tiles and other products with the process, slowly become cheaper type of tile, so the price difference is relatively large. Therefore, when we choose to buy ceramic tiles, we must learn to understand the material and the comparison of many aspects, so that we can buy a satisfactory product.


It is suggested that when you buy the tiles, you can take a bottle of water and an oily pen.

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The first step : the water absorption of the tiles.

Good ceramic tile is such, ceramic tile water absorption rate is very good. Otherwise, your house will be long humid, seriously affect the family health. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the water absorption of ceramic tiles before buying. Pour the water on the tiles, and carefully observe the infiltration of water. After ten minutes, if the water hasn't been sucked, it means that you can see bricks and pick up the high quality tiles.



The second step: the flatness of the tiles

The good tiles are such that there are almost no visible gaps. If the level of the tile is not good, and it will be warped after the later stage. But the cause of tile warped two reasons, one is the tile itself not smooth; two is the Master Mason craft is not good. So when you buy the tile, you must distinguish it, whether the tile surface is smooth or not.

Put two pieces of the same tile together to see if there is a gap in the middle.


The third step: the edge straightness of the tiles

Good tiles are like this, almost no gap. The edge angle of ceramic tiles will also affect the post - paving and use of ceramic tiles. If the edge is not a right angle, between the tiles and tiles will be a great gap, with many pointing to pointing agent, and the effect is very ugly.


The fourth step: the pollution resistance of ceramic tiles

If the pollution is not good, or dirty is not easy to clean, it is estimated less than three or four years, the whole home will be dirty. Actually, making this antifouling test is very simple. Just use oil pen to write several words on the tile surface. After a while, the ink is dry, then wipe it with rag or paper towel to see if it is easy to clean.


The fifth step: the wear ability of ceramic tiles

The wear-resisting degree determines the tile tile service life, anyone who has seen all the tile surface scratches, heart will be very uncomfortable, wanted to knock replaced.


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