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glass mosaic tile backsplash 1. Product parameter 2. Product Features Glass mosaic tile backsplash Glass mosaic tile is decorative materials. Mosaic tiles are good for people's health and widely used in villas, yard buildings, holiday villages and other public buildings. 3. Mosaic Tile...

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Product Details

The size of the mosaic glass tile is usually very small. Mainly uses the richness of color to piece together the beautiful pattern. Because the mosaic tile sheets is rich in materials and various colors, it can be randomly placed into various patterns and patterns. It can also be used in a small space, decorated in a spacious living room. When used in combination, it has a colorful decorative effect, strong visual impact and special decorative effect, so it has been favored by many consumers.
Most of the raw materials of the glass mosaic tile backsplash are made of pure natural materials. These raw materials do not have any harmful substances. They are also manufactured in the original process. It can be said that the Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash appears because of the different raw materials. More environmentally friendly and safer.

Product parameter



Packaging details

Packed by neutral cartons, 20 sheets/carton(4mm thickness), then 81 Boxes into a pallet

Delivery Time

25 days from deposit if quantity is than a large container

Payment Term

30% Deposit, and balance shall be paid before loading

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Glass mosaic tile backsplash Feature

1. Environmental protection will not cause harm to the human body.
2. Decorative. The glass mosaic material is rich and varied, and can be selected according to your own needs. Can cut together like a puzzle to each other, so the mosaic backsplash tile wall has a strong rendering and embellishment features, can give people a visual impact, and the beauty of the decoration to the fullest.
3. Long service life. Because glass mosaics sheets are made of natural materials (shells, marble, etc.), they are more wear-resistant and have a longer service life for glass mosaic walls.
4. Security. A combination of natural materials makes glass mosaics more resistant to slip and abrasion. Therefore, it is often seen in swimming pools, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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Packing &loading

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Quality control

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We have a professional quality inspection team, professional quality inspection requirements, our mosaic tile product quality inspection, has never been tried. Flatness, pinholes, black spots, color and scratches and other quality problems, do not need to worry, please rest assured to our quality inspection departments. Our company is a strict quality inspection requirements, absolutely meet customer requirements before shipping.


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Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: If our stock is available, small order such as 200 SQM and more is accepted. Otherwise, 1*20GP is basic quantity.
Q: What kind of package do you have?
A: Neutral Package, Clients’ Package and ” BOSS CERAMICS” Package,
Q: Can you help customers mixing cargo in one container?
A: Yes. We have warehouse to mix different kinds of products in one container to make it full to reduce your cost. We could supply professional loading plan for you.

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