Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile

ceramic mosaic wall tile 1. Product parameter 2. Product Features Ceramic mosaic wall tile Ceramic Mosaic Tile Surface: The surface finish is rich and varied, glossy, matte, iridescent, tc Ceramic Mosaic Tile Effects: he effects have shade, pattern, mosaic mural. Ceramic Mosaic Tile Color: he...

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Product Details

Designers generally like to design ceramic mosaics into the waistline of wall tile, because today's ceramic mosaic tile are more rich in color, and they are patterned with various colors and can be painted on the wall. Most of the Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile are more elegant and elegant, with excellent antique effects and suitable for classical style bathrooms. Ceramic mosaic tile have different quality requirements for products used in different applications.
Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile is generally more households, because it has the inherent advantages of this aspect, mosaic ceramic tile is durable, soft light, non-irritating, very suitable for the family's warm atmosphere, in the home decoration, mosaic is mainly used for wall decoration, because The mosaic has a small area and many colors.

Product parameter




Ceramic mosaic tile

Mosaic Shape

Square ceramic mosaic tile

Mosaic chip size

10*10mm;15*15mm;20*20mm;23*23mm;25*25mm;30*30mm;48*48mm mosaic tile

Mosaic sheet Size

300*300mm; 305*305mm; 318*318mm; 300*318mm mosaic tile

Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile (2)

Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile (3)

Because the mosaic ceramic tile is much higher than other ceramics tile, most of them are used on TV background walls and interior walls are decorated. and some are used in bathroom floors, wash basins ect.

How to choose ceramic mosaic tile?

   1. Hardness. Pay attention to the hardness of the ceramic mosaic tile when purchasing, not only the hardness is good, but also has a certain degree of toughness, so that it will not be easily broken, and will not crack after the paving, the family is also very relieved.
    2. Surface condition. The quality of the glaze on the mosaic tile sheets surface should also be reliable. When choosing ceramic mosaic, it is necessary to choose a uniform glazed surface, smooth and smooth, scratched, uneven mosaic backsplash tile can not be selected.
    3. Anti-slip properties. When choosing a mosaic tile sheets, you must consider its anti-slip performance. If you hold it on a wall with ceramic mosaic, the brick surface is too slippery, it is easy to slip, bruises and other safety hazards. The more water slides on the ceramic mosaic surface. The slower the slip resistance, the better.
    4. The color . The standard is that the color of the surface of the mosaic ceramic tile is exactly the same, the texture pattern should be clear, and there will be no breakage.
    5. Size aspect. Another thing that needs to be taken seriously is the size of the mosaic ceramic tile. The ruler is very standard, and the error should be as small as possible, so that the final construction effect will be neat and beautiful.

Production Process

Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile (1)


Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tile (4)


Q: What’s your price terms?
A: FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW depending on the clients’ requirement.
Q:Can you OEM for us?
A: Yes, we can OEM according the client’s quality standard and package.

Q: What's the Different Between First Grade and Second Grade?
A: For First Grade, there is No Defects on Tile Surface. For second Grade, it has Pinhole, or Small Black Dots or Tiny Bubbles.
Q: How About You Payment Terms?
A: 30% Deposit to Prepare Goods, 70% Balance is Payable before Shippment.

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