Slate Mosaic Tile

1.Product Description This designs are made of stone and some chips are with metal technical. There are other colors to be optional. Features: 1Acid-proof and alkali-proof 2.High and low temperature resistance 3.Good quality adhere which stick very firmly and avoid the piece go off 4.Washable...

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Product Details

The use of slate mosaic tile is now very extensive. The slate mosaic tile will be very bright and beautiful after encountering water. It is also the material of the choice for the home interior decoration culture wall tile, and the pavement decoration of large supermarkets.

Product Description


 stone and metal


Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom Wall, Shower room Wall



Chip shape

Rectangle strip



Blister packaging

Available, please specify in your inquiry

Packing & loading

10 pcs packed in one box, 81 boxes packed   in one pallet, 20 pallets in one 20' CT.

Tests done

Abrasion resistance, Shock resistance,   Chemical resistance, Stain resistance, Thermal shock, Slipperiness, Aging,   VOC

The slate mosaic is a naturally occurring rock, its texture is relatively loose, and the surface is completely matte texture.
The texture is relatively soft, and it is a layer-by-layer structure, especially the surface texture of the elegant color, it is easy to produce the feeling of returning to nature.
So if you don't like the overly fashionable home decoration method, you can consider applying slate mosaic. For example, the effect of making a television background wall is very good, and you can also use it to decorate the wall in your own study. In places like bookstores or bars, slate mosaic tile backsplash is also a very common type of stone, which is very good for improving the temperament of a business place.

slate mosaic tile

Mosaic Features:

1Acid-proof and alkali-proof

2.High and low temperature resistance

3.Good quality adhere which stick very firmly and avoid the piece go off

4.Washable and durable

5.Dust-proof and the color never fade

6. 100% handmade paving. We only chose the best chips for the producing.

7. Grade AAA ceramics and stone. What price, what goods, under the same profits, we have been committed to offer the best quality for our customer.


.First Quality, Carefully Selected, Consistent in size and finish

.Factory Direct, Meets your needs at a very low cost

.Natural Beauty, Natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.

.We offer custom packaging on all orders to ensure your order will arrive ready to be installed and without any problems. 

You can order small quantities based on your project needs or larger quantities which are readily available in both full pallets and containers.

Inspect system

slate mosaic tile (2)

slate mosaic tile (4)

Quality Assurance : During the whole production process, from material choosing to package, our quality assurance people will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery



Production Process

slate mosaic tile (1)

slate mosaic tile (6)


slate mosaic tile (5)

Our Advantage

1.We have many years of experience in serving international customers

2.We have always been supplied high-quality products to many national building material brands

3.Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters and there are 1,000 employees. In order to deliver the products to our customers on time, we keep producing all year round

4.We have a professional design team to research and develop new products each season

5.Just tell me what you need and we can design a home decoration plan for you


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