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mosaic bathroom floor tile 1.Product Description 2. Product feature 1.Mosaic tiles are mounted on fiber mesh back firmly. 2.Zero water absorption mosaic bathroom floor tiles 3.Acid-proof and alkali-proof mosaic tile 4.Wear-resistant,resistant to fading, staining and discoloration. 5.High and low...

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Product Details

Bathroom decoration is another world of home improvement design, and the variety of styles makes the bathroom decoration a more varied look in the home.
The choice of small patterns Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile of personality can also add some aura to small bathrooms, to make up for the weakness of the relatively small lighting and ventilation of small bathrooms.
Generally, the bathroom used ceramic tiled, but small space is not suitable for large tiles. Mosaic bathroom floor tile is the right choice for decorating bathrooms, which is rich in color and waterproof. The different combinations can give the bathroom a different feeling. The bathroom is decorated with mosaics and embellishments.

Product Description





Chip Size(mm)


Sheet Size(mm)



bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool

Delivery Time

3~10 days for sample; 7~25 days after receiving   deposit

Supply Ability

20000 SQM/month


Neutral carton with solid wooden pallet/Customized   carton is allowed when the quantity more than 500 cartons

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There are so many ways to put them to use. Here are just some of the uses of ceramic mosaic tile:
This is one of the most common uses of mosaic shower tile in home décor. It easily brings personality to a room, and can help you evoke the right atmosphere. You can use different shades of one color to bring out a theme, or create a fun pattern to apply all over the area. Many homeowners also like to make bare walls (like in the kitchen) pop with a mosaic backsplash tile. The great thing about using mosaic tile patterns to design your walls is that they don’t peel or chip, and they can withstand shower water and kitchen heat with no problem.
mosaic bathroom floor tiles are also well-known for their use in flooring. This is because the material is capable of handling heavy foot traffic and extreme weather without sustaining heavy damage. Compared to other floor decorations, such as rugs and carpets, the aesthetic flexibility of mosaic tile sheets allows it to recreate elegant designs while still being easy to clean.

Product feature

1.Mosaic tile designs are mounted on fiber mesh back firly.
2.Zero water absorption mosaic bathroom floor tiles
3.Acid-proof and alkali-proof mosaic tile
4.Wear-resistant,resistant to fading, staining and discoloration.
5.High and low temperature resistance.
6.Easy to install with tile adhesive and grout, easy to clean and maintain.
7.Can be used in a virtually unlimited range of applications: kitchen backsplash and walls, showers, borders to soften conventional ceramic tiled walls, garden walls, pools, spas, waterfalls, and any applications to suit your imagination.
8.Available in different shapes such as square, round, strip, hexagon and other irregular you want.

Quality Control

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1.Water absorption test: through the specialty water absorption test under 10KPa±1KPa pressure,

calculated the water absorption by formula;

2.Size control test: Side length and thickness are measured by a venire caliper with a precision of 0.02mm;

3.Freeze resistance test: witch the temperature at least 100 times between -5℃ and 5℃,it's qualified if there is no tile breaking or glaze cracking after examination;

4.Chemical corrosion resistant test: After drying by oven of 110℃,immerge the tile in 3% hydrochloric acid and potassium hydroxide solution for 24 hours each.


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step 1

Mix the powder thin-set mortar with latex additive in bucket that can easily be found in most home improvement stores.

step 2 

Before laying the mosaic tiles, a thin layer of cement mortar should be pasted to the cover surface. Then, fill the joints between each small mosaic tile on the net with white mortar paste, press the mosaic sheet toward the wall in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the setting paper.

step 3 

Press the mosaic sheet toward the wall surface to make it even and attach it to the surface.

step 4 

Level up the surface of the mosaic tiles towards the wall. Fill up the joints evenly with white grout.

step 5 

Clean up the remaining grout and adhesive on surface with a soft cloth and tissue after about 1 hour dry. And the installed mosaic tiles will dry in about 24 hours.

Show Room

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Q:  How about your quality and price?
A: 1. About the quality, we have been the exporter for 13 years, The good would be inspected carefully during producing and before loading, and would send the inspection photos to you to confirm.
Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: If our stock is available, small order such as 200 SQM and more is accepted. Otherwise, 1*20GP is basic quantity.

Q:Can you OEM for us?
A: Yes, we can OEM according the client’s quality standard and package.

"Q. Can you send free samples?
A. Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee. You can provide your a/c like DHL, or you can call your courier to pick up from our office."

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