Blue Bathroom Tiles

1. Product parameter Product Features 1)Manufactured under high temperature, this high-gloss ceramic mosaic blue bathroom tiles have low water-absorption rate, smooth glazed surface, dirt and fade resistance. 2)Glossy glazed surface, smooth texture 3)Square shaped ,Optional color rich....

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Product Details

1. Product parameter


 Blue bathroom tiles


ceramic mosaic   bathroom tile

Sheet size:


Chip size:


Surface   Finish:


Mosaic pattern:

Square, Mini mosaic, Modern mosaic tile, Herringbone,   Subway, Hexagon, Octagon, Mixed, Grand fan, Penny round, Hand clipped, Random   strip, River rocks, 3D cambered, Pinwheel, Rhomboid, Bubble round, Circle   bubble, Stacked, etc


Wall & Floor, Interior/Exterior projects, Kitchen   backsplash, Bathroom flooring, Shower surround, Countertop, Dining room,   Entryway, Corridor, Balcony, Spa, Pool, Fountain, etc.


  • First Quality, Carefully Selected,        Consistent in size and finish

  • Factory Direct, Meets your needs at a        very low cost

  • Natural Beauty, Ceramic tile does vary        in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of        what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material.

  • We offer custom packaging on all        orders to ensure your order will arrive ready to be installed and        without any problems.  You can order small quantities based on your        project needs or larger quantities which are readily available in both        full pallets and containers.

Product Features

1)Manufactured under high temperature, this high-gloss ceramic mosaic blue bathroom tiles have low water-absorption rate, smooth glazed surface, dirt and fade resistance.

2)Glossy glazed surface, smooth texture

3)Square shaped ,Optional color rich.

4)Suitable for any residential and commercial use

5) Easy to install; anti-dust; washables; acid-proof; alkali-proof; durable.

6) Used for indoor & outdoor wall and floor decoration, household, decorates bathrooms, background wall, building exterior, out floor, swimming pools and kitchens etc

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 blue bathroom tiles (3).jpg

blue bathroom tiles (4).jpg

blue bathroom tiles (5).jpg


2. Analysis of exterior mosaic tiles types

1, crystal glass mosaic tile

The crystal glass mosaic tile in the exterior mosaic tile adopts high whiteness flat glass, which is melted by high temperature processing and has colorful colors, numerous style specifications, non-toxic, alkali-resistant, acid-proof, non-radioactive elements, wear-resistant, temperature-resistant and high. Hardness, waterproof, non-fading and many other advantages. Due to the special properties of glass, it is crystal clear, colorful, bright and beautiful. The mosaic in the outer wall mosaic tiles is the most common mosaic variety. .

2, stone mosaic tile

The stone mosaic in the external mosaic tile refers to the mosaic of natural stone cutting, opening and polishing into mosaic tiles of various specifications and shapes. It is the oldest and traditional mosaic variety, and the stone mosaic has pure nature. Natural beauty, natural stone texture, natural style, simplicity, elegance and many other advantages are one of the most important ceramic tiles in exterior mosaic tiles. The stone mosaic surface is rough, which not only preserves the natural feeling of the natural stone itself, but also enriches its pattern.

3, resin mosaic tile

The exterior mosaic tiles are widely used in the current diversified life. People's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improved. The decorative effect pays more attention to their visual effects and individual needs. The resin mosaic in the exterior mosaic tiles is gradually becoming more and more. A popular architectural decoration material, resin mosaic, due to its inability to replicate, will become a popular trend in the building materials market. Resin mosaics are more environmentally friendly and have personalized space accessories, flame retardant, non-radiative, texture Hard, non-deformable, non-shedding, long-lasting and many other advantages.



 3. Production process



6. Quality Inspection


7. Our Services

Designs & Inspiration for A Better Life

At HANSE, everything we do is about designing a better way. Because a funny thing happens when you allow everyone to innovate all the time. For a better life – is found in the choices we make every day. To do less would ultimately mean to be less. So it is we strive to refine and improve every element of our business from products and services, to manufacture and export.

Manufacture Capacity

We have factory. Our monthly output is 10000m2.We can do some stock for regular design which can be delivery per customer request at the earliest time.

High quality

This is an important part of Hanse, the company that treats quality as its life. In every step we have inspection and data report, including raw materials selecting, designs outcome, semi-finished products, samples, final products, packaging etc.


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