Bathroom Mosaic Tile

  • Black And White Wall Tiles

    Black And White Wall Tiles

    1.Product Description Mosaic tile feature 1) High and temperature resistance 2) washable and sturdy 3) Dust-proof and therefore the color ne'er fade 4) Usage on wall ,household, floor, out floor, swimming bath etc 5) Acid-proof and alkali-proof 6) on the market in several...Read More
  • Decorative Ceramic Tile

    Decorative Ceramic Tile

    1.Product Description Mosaic tiles are widely used in home decoration. Because the mosaics are exquisite and compact, the colors are different, and many different patterns can be spelled out. The decorative effect is much better than ordinary wall tiles and floor tiles....Read More
  • Decorative Tiles For Kitchen

    Decorative Tiles For Kitchen

    1.Product Description 1. Beautiful, perfect for interior & exterior in residential and commercial locations: Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room, Wall tile, etc. 2.Pattern, Cool, clear, clean, these should be reasons of why people like it so much. 3.Can be applied as complete...Read More
  • Patterned Ceramic Tile

    Patterned Ceramic Tile

    1.Product Description As well as being beautiful, mosaics are very practical. Depending on the material, they can be easily applied to flat and curved surfaces. Mosaic tiles are perfect for walls in bathrooms, showers, kitchens - and some are suitable for floors too; adds...Read More
  • Stone Kitchen Wall Tiles

    Stone Kitchen Wall Tiles

    1.Product parameter 1) Anti-oxidation and antacid, suitable for inside and outside walls. 2)Available different color and size design, and the customer own design. 3) Frost-proof , acid-resistant, Water-proof, hot-resistant ,and easy to clean 2. What are the characteristics...Read More
  • Slate Mosaic Tile

    Slate Mosaic Tile

    1.Product Description This designs are made of stone and some chips are with metal technical. There are other colors to be optional. Features: 1Acid-proof and alkali-proof 2.High and low temperature resistance 3.Good quality adhere which stick very firmly and avoid the piece...Read More
  • Stone Mosaic Tile

    Stone Mosaic Tile

    1.Product parameter Mosaic Features 1.Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls ,building exteriors and swimming pools and so on 2.High and low temperature resistance 3.Good quality adhere which stick very firmly and avoid the piece go off 4.Washable and durable 5.Dust – proof...Read More
  • Stone Mosaic Wall Tiles
  • Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile

    Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile

    mosaic bathroom floor tile 1.Product Description 2. Product feature 1.Mosaic tiles are mounted on fiber mesh back firmly. 2.Zero water absorption mosaic bathroom floor tiles 3.Acid-proof and alkali-proof mosaic tile 4.Wear-resistant,resistant to fading, staining and...Read More
  • Mosaic Wall Tiles

    Mosaic Wall Tiles

    mosaic wall tiles 1.Product Description 2. Product of feature Glass mosaic wall tile is decorative materials. They are good for people's health and widely used in villas, yard buildings, holiday villages and other public buildings. Mosaic tile makes people feel that they...Read More
  • Marble Mosaic Tile

    Marble Mosaic Tile

    marble mosaic tile 1.Product Description Decorative mosaic made by marble mosaic tile pieces. Various sizes colors and finishes available Good durability and high quality, direct factory supply Wall Marble Mosaic Tiles is very beautiful by their various color. Marble Mosaic...Read More
  • Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tile

    Bathroom Floor Mosaic Tile

    bathroom floor mosaic tile 1. Product parameter Mosaic Surface: Bathroom floor mosaic tile The surface finish is rich and varied, glossy, matte, iridescent, etc. Mosaic tile Effects: The effects have shade, pattern, mosaic tile mural. Mosaic Tile Color: The main color is...Read More
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