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Wooden tile paving steps
- Oct 11, 2018 -

1, the determination method of wood grain tile paving steps is commonly used for the paving method of wood tile. In addition to the traditional well-formed, horizontal and vertical paving method of traditional ceramic wall tiles, wood tiles also have herringbone and work. Glyphs, diagonal diamonds, etc. There are many ways to lay wood bricks tile, so be sure to work with the designer to determine the solution.

2, the leveling of the wood grain tile paving steps Leveling is to treat the floor or wall surface of the paved building before laying the wood grain brick. Eliminate the attachment of the surface and pour it with a mixture of semi-wet cement sand.

3, the wood grain tile paving step of the elastic line The elastic line refers to a long thin line, painted with white ash ink, determine the tile's central axis, and then laid according to the line.

4, the choice of tile in the wood grain tile paving steps To see the variety of tiles planned to be laid out, choose to sort out the different types, so as not to confuse the paving.

5. Wood-grain tile paving steps: Dip tile wood tile, like polished tiles and antique tiles, should be soaked in water. Use tap water or clean water. Do not use water, or use oily sewage. The soaking time does not need to be too long, that is, Say, soak it.

6, the wood-grain tile paving step of the mixed cement sand should be mixed in a ratio of 1:2, the cement with the label below 200 should be used, and the cement with the label too high will form a tensile force inside the wood-grained tile, which will seriously pull Cracked wood tiles.

7. The wood grain tile paving step is used to remove the soaked wood grain tile, dry the water stain, and evenly spread the cement slurry on the back of the wood grain tile. The thickness of the mortar is 2-3 cm, and then the wood grain tile is to the ground. Spread on the surface of the cement sand and gently tap the brick surface with a wooden hammer until the paving is smooth and the line is neat.

 8, the wood grain tiles paving steps of the paving paste should pay attention to the wood grain tile texture order, pay attention to the wood grain tile floor marking arrow, etc., the wooden hammer beat to avoid empty knock, the power should be balanced.

9, wood grain brick paving steps to repair the wood grain tile paving, the cement has not been completely dry, you can use the naked eye to observe or use the level to measure, according to the standard wood grain tiles.

10. Filling the steps of the wood grain tile paving step If the joint is to be filled, the cement is dried and then hooked with iron hooks, and then filled with caulking with color.

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