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Wooden tile and wooden floor which is better
- Aug 23, 2018 -

During the renovation, many owners will face a problem, what kind of material is used for laying on the ground, the insulation performance of the floor tiles is poor, and the bare feet are still cold on the ground; the cracking of the wooden floor will occur for a long time. The problem is also worried about the release of formaldehyde. Of course, the use of wood flooring still has many advantages. The appearance of wood-grained bricks has solved these problems very well, but many of them have not heard the main doubts about the wood-grained brick industry. Which is better for wood-grained bricks and wooden floors?


1. Which is good for wood grain tile and wooden floors?

1. The raw material of wood grain tile is fired with high temperature of 1200 degrees or more with natural soil, no harmful substances are released, and environmental protection performance is high. The wooden floor is made of natural wood. The composite floor uses a large amount of adhesive such as glue when it is synthesized. The formaldehyde takes 1 to 2 years to volatilize, but the modern process is changing. Generally, the wooden floor is changed. The environmental protection is still relatively high.

2, wood tile cleaning is very convenient, maintenance is very simple, the service life is generally 10-20 years; the life of the wood floor is also very long, cleaning is also convenient, but you should worry about the problem of moisture. Once there is a problem of moisture, it may decay and the floor will crack, causing a lot of inconvenience to life.

3. In the pattern modeling, the wooden floor is a natural wood texture, and the pattern of the solid wood floor is relatively limited, because it is a natural texture, so there will be color difference. The pattern of wood grain bricks is rich, and a variety of patterns can be realized, and there is much room for consumers to choose.


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