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Wood tile PK solid wood floor
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Surface paving is a very important part of home decoration. Wooden floor is welcomed by many people for its beauty and warmth. However, with the change of people's consumption concept, this phenomenon is changing in recent years. In family decoration, choose wood floor or wood tile? I believe that every first decorator has met such a problem. What about the wood floor or the wood tile?

Advantages of Wood floor: beautiful, warm, and good visual effect


Defect of Wood floor: the wooden floor is good, but it needs more care and maintenance. Wood flooring is greatly influenced by weather and temperature. It is easy to deformation and warping after water immersion. It needs regular waxing and maintenance. It is easily scratched by sharp objects, and wood floor is also released by formaldehyde. Compared with wooden tiles, the life of the wooden floor will be shorter.


The advantages of wood tile: wood tiles are easy to maintain, not easy to store up dirty, no air pollutants, long service life, generally will not be scratched, not easy to raise, fire, waterproofing, anti-corrosion performance is good. In addition, wood grain tiles can not only enjoy all the advantages of tile, but also achieve the beautiful, warm and visual effects of wooden floor in the process of using.

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