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Wood grain tile construction technology
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Among the many flooring materials, there is a kind of tile which has the warmth and comfort of the wooden floor, and has the characteristics of easy to clean the tile, that is, the wood grain brick. Wood grain brick is a new environmentally friendly material with a wood grain decorative pattern on the surface, which is very popular among the owners. Then the following small series will tell you about the construction process of wood grain tiles.


The concrete construction process of wood tile is as follows:

1. Determine the paving method of wood grain tile commonly used in the scheme. In addition to the same well-formed traditional ceramic wall tiles, the horizontal and vertical paving methods, the wood-grained tiles also have herringbone, I-shaped, diagonal diamonds, etc. Paving method. There are many ways to put the paving. Each has its own merits. So be sure to work with the designer to determine the solution.

2, leveling The so-called leveling, in front of the paving of tiles, the floor or wall surface of the paved building should be treated. Such as the ground, interior walls, exterior walls, etc. Eliminate the attachment of the surface and pour it with a mixture of semi-wet cement sand.

3, the elastic line is the use of a long thin line, painted with white ash ink, determine the central axis of the brick, and then laid according to the line.

4, choose bricks To see the varieties of bricks planned to be laid out, sorted out and sorted out. For example, paving wood grain bricks, wood grain bricks on the upper wall, wood grain bricks on the floor line, etc. should be distinguished so as not to be confused.

5, dip brick wood bricks and polished bricks, antique bricks to soak water, to use tap water or water, can not use drowning or dirty water, but not oily sewage; soaking time does not take too long, that is, Soak the damp.

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6. Mixed slurry The cement sand should be mixed in a ratio of 1:2. Cement with the number 325 should be used. If the cement with too high a mark is used, the tensile force will be formed in the wood grain brick, and the wood grain brick will be severely cracked.

7. Remove the soaked wood grain brick from the slurry, dry the water stain of the wood grain brick, and evenly spread the cement slurry on the back of the wood grain brick. The thickness of the mortar is 2-3 cm, and then the wood grain brick is applied to the ground cement sand. On the surface, gently tap the wood grain brick surface with a wooden hammer until it is flat and straight.

8, paving should pay attention to the order of wood grain brick texture, pay attention to the wood grain brick floor marking arrow, etc., wooden hammer hit to avoid empty knock, the strength should be balanced, force to avoid too large or too small. Apply a plastic cross for paving bricks to better position the wood grain bricks. The wooden hammer hits the wood grain brick and the anti-overflowing cement slurry can be smoothed with a sponge or a rag.

9. Trimming The wood grain bricks are paved, and the cement is not completely dry. It can be observed with the naked eye or measured with a level ruler. The wood grain bricks are trimmed according to the standard. Check the flatness of the brick paving, the straightness of the brick seam, and so on. Found the problem, immediately trimmed, severely opened the wood grain bricks and re-paved.

10, caulking If you want to fill the joints, after the cement is dry, use the iron hook to sew, and then fill the seam with the color of the caulking agent.

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