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Wood grain antiskid tile
- May 04, 2018 -

Wood grain tile is a kind of antiskid tile with natural wood texture on the surface. It is also a glazed tile with skid resistance.  

Compared with the early appearance of wooden boards, people are familiar with the hearth of wood tile. Why do more people choose wooden tile to decorate their homes instead of wooden boards? Because wood tile is a kind of antiskid glazed tile compared with wood plank. It has the characteristics of wear resistance and compression. It is not easy to bend and deform like wood. Secondly, the surface of wood tile is imitation wood grain, and the texture is almost the same as that of wooden board. The plank is log, and it needs regular maintenance to prevent insects and damp proof. The maintenance work alone is time-consuming and costly for many people. But the wooden tile is a good solution to this problem. It is easy to clean with a mop or cloth. It does not need special maintenance, so it is environmentally friendly and practical. In addition, the wood pattern tile style is diverse, whether used for the bedroom decoration, or the living room and other indoor decoration, it is easy to match, looks simple and generous, a good space effect. If you step on the floor of a wooden tile, you will feel the cool of the wood grain tile, which is in line with the comfortable and simple life idea that people pursue, so it is more popular.

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