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Why the wood tile is not cheap?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

1. The decorative effect of the wood tile is very good

Wood tile is a new type of high-end ceramic split product with wood grain decorative pattern, which is realistic, natural, without fading and wear-resistant, and easy to maintain.

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2. The application space of the wood tile is very wide

The wood tile has a wide range of use. It is not only limited to the living room, bedroom, study and staircase, but also can be used in shops, collection rooms, even balcony, toilet, kitchen and so on. Ceramic tiles are rich in color, design and sculpt, and are widely used in home decoration and decoration of high-end hotels.

3. The anti skid performance of the wood tile is very good

As a kind of antique tile, wood tile is mostly matte tile, and its skid resistance is better.

4, wood tile without formaldehyde environmental protection

There is a problem of wood floor heating and releasing formaldehyde. A good wood block has no two appearance on the surface, but it is waterproof, fireproof and moisture proof, and its patterns are exquisite and beautiful. At present, most of the composite wood floors on the market, due to the need to use glue, many wood floors are naturally released by formaldehyde. The raw materials of ceramic tiles are collected from natural soil, sand and stone, relative to wood flooring, and environmental protection. The key is no formaldehyde emission.

5, wood tile will not be go mouldy

When the wood floor is humid, the floor tends to become moldy. If the floor is not careful, it tends to deform and become warped after flooding. Ceramic tile is a ceramic made of high temperature above 1200 centigrade. The physical and chemical properties are very stable. It will not be mouldy because of the wet weather, and will not crack because of the dry weather; the ceramic tile is waterproof and good in anticorrosion.

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6, wooden tile will not be in fire

The original idea of wood block tiles is wooden floor, but it can avoid wood floors from being affected by temperature and humidity. Wood block tile has high fidelity, and it has the characteristics of flame retardant and non corrosive. Wood flooring will burn when exposed to fire, and it will also emit poisonous gas and risk. Ceramic tile itself is ceramic with fire protection function.

7. There is no need to wax the wooden tile

Wooden flooring needs regular maintenance, especially if some stains are not cleaned up as soon as possible, leaving permanent marks. Wood tile is easy to clean and maintain. It is not easy to store dirt and air pollutants. Ceramic tile has a long service life and can be used for 10-20 years in general. There is no need to wax regularly like wooden products.

8. The wooden tile is more wear-resistant and more durable.

Wood tiles are made of wear-resistant glaze. They are fired at high temperature, both with wood grain and ceramic tile.

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