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Why the whole body brick distinctive
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Tongti brick is wear-resistant turn, also known as unglazed brick, the color of the front and back are the same. Whole bricks are wear-resisting bricks, polished tiles, antique tiles, square tiles, supermarket bricks, and external wall tiles. They are used for interior and exterior wall and floor decoration, because they have a rough surface and low water content. For some poor environment in the villa renovation, suitable for exterior wall tiles. Tongti brick is also more environmentally friendly, does not produce serious light pollution.

The surface of the whole body brick is not glazed, and its overall color is the same, so named for the whole body brick. Due to the interior design tends to be more and more plain, elegant, simple design, so the whole body brick has become a more and more fashion, is widely used in villa decoration wall. Because of its own weight are generally used for floor tiles will not be used for indoor wall.

Throughout the brick it is not deformed, although the type of single, but the whole body of the brick surface without glazing, decorative antique, elegant and simple, natural and simple, and its price is relatively moderate, so through the brick most groups like.

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