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Why not use too bright tiles for tile placement?
- May 12, 2018 -

Misunderstanding of ceramic tile selection and purchase

Myth 1: using bright tiles can enhance indoor lighting.
Most families and office buildings tend to decorate with brighter colored tiles, because bright tiles can not only make the living room look rich and bright, but also make up for the shortage of lighting to a certain extent. The light reflection coefficient of bright polishing tile and some antique tile can be as high as ninety percent, while the light reflection coefficient of the ordinary white wall wall is about seventy percent, and the mirror glass is about eighty percent. If it lives in the living room with a smooth porcelain tile wall for a long time, the light reflection will make the eyes very tired and even guide the eyes. The visual function is reduced, so tile tiles are not recommended for household tiles.
Opinion: the dummy tile is more applicable. A lot of people think that the dumb tiles are not good for cleaning. In fact, it is wrong. The quality dumb tiles are not only very easy to clean, but their exquisite and simple gloss can show the elegant aesthetic view of the master, so the taste of the kitchen room is more harmonious and natural.

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Misunderstandings 2: without space blindly collocation of the waist line: the edge of the wall of the daily household is often used to decorate the waist line tile, it can increase the sense of space from the visual space, and reflect the owner's personality, taste and life interest. It is quite popular with the public.

Misunderstanding: Although very personality is very beautiful, but the waist line tiles are not applicable when, the common two kinds of conditions are not suitable to paving the waist line: first, the height of the toilet is not enough, the waist line will be cut the whole space is cut, the original is not high toilet appears more low; two is small kitchen area, small. Or the family with the whole cabinet, the height of the cabinet and the height of the waist line are almost 80-90 centimeters, and the waist line just appears on the top of the cabinet.
View: small family or no waist line is good. Small Huxing house for the selection of the waist line of tiles should be careful, the small space is easily broken by the waist line tile partition, if it is very fond of tiles or the space is too monotonous, it can be appropriate to put a few pieces of flower patches as ornament, so that space will continue to show the vitality and surf.


201121516235651229298771.jpg 5a00008b6f72c.jpgMisunderstandings 3: thick ceramic tiles are better than thin tiles. Many domestic products are the better quality of the better, so consumers tend to form an inherent idea that heavy things are more real, in fact, the thick tile in the market is indeed more than thin ceramic tiles, and the larger the size of the tiles, the thicker, and the same specification of the floor tiles to be thicker than wall tiles.
Misunderstanding: in view of the problem of tile thickness, our country has not yet issued a uniform mandatory standard, so there is no such thing as "thicker than thin".  As far as the value of use is concerned, the great value of ceramic tiles is still ornamental, as long as the capacity and the ability to prevent damage can be reached, the too thick tiles are not in fact environmentally friendly.
Opinion: thin tiles are a big trend. With the development of ceramic tile industry, thin tiles will surely become the future trend because of their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and low production cost. The ceramic tile is thin, which is very beneficial to the sintering performance. The weight of the thin ceramic tile is less, and the load on the wall and ground after laying is reduced.

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