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Why do the tiles soak?
- Mar 08, 2018 -

First, the tile why soaked?

Tile water is to prevent the absorption of cement mortar water, so as to avoid causing hollowing, shedding, and even cracks, especially for the wall paving, wall paving, the need to sprinkler the wall work, but also the truth. More or less tiles will have some porosity, shop soaked in water, in order to allow the pores to fully absorb water, and porcelain brick due to the greater density, porosity is much smaller, it makes the water very low.

Second, what tiles need to soak?

Tiles need water absorption tiles, water absorption <0.5% when paving the ground can not soak water, and kitchen with glazed wall tiles and floor tiles, the water absorption rate is generally greater than 10% in the shop When it is necessary to bubble water, if porcelain brick or water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, the wall or to bubble a little water See the Marco Polo tile wall specifications. The use of ceramic tile adhesive tile method can also not soaked in water.

Third, how to water the tile?

Since the so-called "soaked water", then the tiles must all be immersed in water, the general construction side will prepare a large basin. However, there are also some irresponsible construction teams that pile up the tiles and water the pipes with water so that they can only wet the tiles and do not allow the tiles to fully "drink". Various problems may occur after the tiles are applied.

Fourth, how long the bubble suitable?

Due to the different water absorption of different tiles, there is no specific standard. However, the end result is that the tiles “drink” the water and no longer bubble up. With high water absorption, it will take longer to soak. Rainy days because of its moist air, the time should be reduced accordingly; summer weather is dry, the time will have to grow accordingly.

Fifth, inappropriate water soaked porcelain?

Tiles placed in the basin, be sure glazed face, pottery face down. If the glazed face down, tile corner bump each other, easy to fall porcelain. Remove the brick from the basin when the ground to pad packaging cartons, the same back to the wall tile should be placed, glazed up. If the opposite is glazed sharp corners, because the corner of the tile is very brittle, easily knock off porcelain.

Sixth, can the water soaked tiles can retreat?

 In general, we will consider the loss of ceramic tile when buying the problem, so when buying brick we will buy more, then the tile if the excess water after the tile can not be back, because the bubble after the water, the color will be Darken, new and old tiles will appear significant color contrast. And then soaked in water, soak the first water tiles, and the second water soak the tiles compared to the color or not the same.

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