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Why are wood tiles good, but not cheap?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Wood grain tile is a kind of high-grade ceramic tile with wood grain decorative pattern on the surface. It has realistic and simple texture, no fading of wooden floor, no wear resistance, etc. It is a non-slip, formaldehyde-free and easy-to-maintain matt glazed tile.

First, the decorative effect of wood grain tile is very good

Wood grain tile is a kind of high-grade ceramic enamel tile new product with wood grain decorative pattern on the surface. The grain is realistic, natural and simple, no wood floor fading, no wear resistance, etc., easy to maintain matt glazed tiles!


Second, the application space of wood grain tile is very wide

Moreover, the use of wood grain tiles are not limited to the common space of wooden floors such as living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, stairs, but also for shops, collection rooms, and even balconies, bathrooms, kitchens, and the like. The color, design and shape of ceramic tiles are rich, widely used in home decoration and decoration of various high-end hotels!


Third, the anti-slip performance of wood grain tile is very good

As a kind of antique tile, wood grain tiles are mostly matt bricks, and the anti-slip performance is better!


Fourth, wood grain tile have no formaldehyde safety and environmental protection

Wood flooring has the problem of releasing formaldehyde by heat. The appearance of a good wood grain tile is the same as that of a log, but it is waterproof, fireproof and moisture proof, and the pattern is exquisite and beautiful.


Five, wood grain tile will not mold

When the weather of the wooden floor is high, the floor is prone to mildew; if the floor is not noticed, it will be easily deformed and uplifted after flooding. Ceramic tiles are ceramics that have been fired at a temperature above 1200 °C. The physicochemical properties are very stable. They are not mildewed due to the weather and will not crack due to dry weather. Ceramic tiles are waterproof and have good corrosion resistance.


Six, wood tiles will not catch fire

The creative idea of wood grain tiles comes from wood flooring, but it can avoid the wood floor being easily deformed and cracked by temperature and humidity. Wood grain tiles have high fidelity; they are inherently flame retardant and non-corrosive. Wood floors are exposed to fire, they will burn, and they will emit toxic gases, posing a safety risk. The material of the ceramic tile itself is ceramic with a fireproof function.

Seven, wood grain tile is more wear-resistant and more durable

Wood grain tile are made of wear-resistant glaze, which is fired at high temperature, with both wood grain excitation and tile wear resistance. Beautiful and practical two-in-one, good choice for home!


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