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Which tile is good for bedroom? Glazed polished tile or polished tile
- Apr 20, 2018 -

1, the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles
Polished tiles and polished glazed tiles are very bright from the surface, so when viewed from the surface, it is difficult to distinguish between the two, but in fact a closer look, you will know that the two are still different.
First, the difference can be seen from the color. If it is a polished tile, the color difference between the various colors in the brick is not particularly strong, so the color of the polished tile is relatively single. The difference between the polished tiles and the polished glazed tiles is that there are differences in the lines. The polished tiles can't make the texture very small, but the full polished glazed tiles can make the lines very detailed. From this point we can see the difference.



2, which is more wear-resistant
The polished tile is actually more wear-resistant. Although its color is not as beautiful as the glazed tile, it is actually fired twice, so it will not be easily worn out. If there are children at home, the children often The toy will be placed on the ground to play, then choose a polished brick is better, will not wear off the surface in a short time.

3, the same pollution resistance
Polishing bricks and polished tiles are also different in anti-fouling performance. During the manufacturing process, the polishing bricks will leave some concave and convex pores. These pores will hide dirt, and the anti-fouling effect of the polished tiles will be far away. Better than polished tiles.
So this is your choice, if you feel that you will always clean up, then choose polished tiles, if you are worried about the dirt on the ground, then you still have to choose to glaze tiles!

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