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Which color is good for bathroom wall tiles?
- Sep 03, 2018 -

The bathroom is a place that every one will definitely go. The choice of design and tile color will directly affect the mood of users. So which color is good for the bathroom wall tile? Don't be too confused when choosing the color of the wall tile, otherwise it will make the user dazzled. A good color will make people feel happy, so they have enough energy to work. Let's take a look at the bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles.

First, the light color matching

The size of the bathroom area have a certain influence on the choice of color system. If the area is slightly larger, you can choose a darker color, which will make the warmth stronger. A smaller area can choose a lighter color, which will also look young and vigorous.


Second, the ground color matching

Wall surface occupies a large part of the bathroom area, so the choice of wall color is particularly important. Therefore, when choosing the color for the first time, it is necessary to avoid the second rework. One of them is to cause the waste of time to delay the construction period. The second time is also difficult to achieve the first effect. Everyone's preferences are different, and it is not un

reasonable to lay out the bathroom according to personal preferences.


Third, bathroom supplies

With bathroom supplies include many such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, bathroom cabinets, showers, hand cartons, etc. I personally think that white is better, white looks neat and clean. A bright light will give people a sense of comfort. The choice of bathroom cabinet is more casual, you can choose according to the user's preference, and choose what color to choose.

Fourth, the lighting color design

The lighting of the bathroom also plays a very important role in the user's mood, so the light color tone plays a certain role in the overall color matching. In addition to Yuba lights, most of them use white light, which can meet the needs of users with sufficient brightness.


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