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What tile is good for living room?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The living room is one of the most frequent activities in the home, so the tiles laid on the ground are very important. So, what tiles are there for the living room floor tiles?

The living room environment is less affected by temperature and pollution. It is a comparatively good environment. The material requirements for the functional properties of the tiles themselves are not very high. The only thing that needs attention is the selection of specific colors according to the lighting of the living room and personal preferences.


Tile material selection

Choosing fossils is better because it is wear-resistant, bright and easy to clean. Some people also like to use antique tiles. Antique tiles are rich in color and reflect individuality. However, colors are often heavy and cleaning is also difficult. Stone (stone decoration effect map) is best not to use, because not only the high cost of stone, a single color, but most of the stone is radioactive, surface finish and wear resistance is also very low.

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Living room baseboard

Simple (simple decoration renderings) and smoothness are always themes. The spectacle and the mosaic are all obsolete. The baseboard is to be done because the wall generally uses paint (paint decoration effect drawing), and the paint and the ground connection parts are often in contact with the living room furniture foot and the human foot, easily soiled and damaged, and used The skirting line made of vitrified tiles will avoid this problem and make the living room more beautiful. The upper end of the foot line should be ground to a quarter arc or 45 degree bevel, and the machined surface should be polished.

Tile color choice

The interior requirements are bright and spacious, making people feel relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, the general light color is appropriate, such as white, light beige, solid color or a little pattern can be, for the owners of high health requirements, the choice of solid color can better reflect the elegance of the owner, but it takes more time and Energy, because the solid color is not resistant to dirt, need to be cleaned regularly. For those who are busy with work and are willing to spend their free time on sleeping, surfing the Internet, etc., it is best to choose tiles with a pattern or grain.

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Polished tile specifications

If the living room area exceeds 30 square meters, 80*80 tiles should be selected, less than this area, 60*60 specifications, but not less than 40*40. The large size makes the room spacious and spacious. However, if large-sized tiles are laid on a small area of the ground, the size of the room will be inconsistent, like a thin person wearing a large size of clothing, and vice versa, if a large area of the ground is covered with small-size tiles, it will appear indoor Crowding is tedious.

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