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What should we do with the empty wall tile?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

What should we do with the empty wall tile?

In many homes, ceramic tiles are the most popular type of wall-floor decorative building materials. Whether it is wall tiles or floor tiles, they are piece by piece. But after a long time, some people walked on the floor tiles or hit the wall tiles with their hands, and they will find a "frame" sound, which indicates that there is an empty phenomenon.

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First, why is the wall tile hollow?

1. Construction process problems Wall tiles are very easy to cause the phenomenon of empty drums. Because in the wet shop, the moisture in the cement mortar is very small. During the natural drying process, the water will penetrate into the base layer, and after drying, it will become a large and small cavity, and the base layer and the wall tile cannot be Fully bonded, so it becomes an empty drum.

2, construction technology problems When the technically inadequate workers are paving the wall tiles, due to operational errors and other reasons, it will cause the phenomenon of empty drums. Among them, the main construction technical problems include: the grassroots cleaning is not clean, the cushion mortar is too thick or too much water is added, and there is no complete compaction.

Second, how to do when wall tile is empty

Wall tiles are mainly divided into three kinds of situations: corner hollow, partial hollow drums and two-thirds of empty drums, their solutions are different. The empty drum situation can be solved by watering treatment; the second empty drum situation, if the impact is not big, it can be ignored, if the impact is large, then the partial re-paving; the third empty drum situation can be taken down Re-paving method for processing.

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