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What material mosaic is good for decoration
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Mosaic tile are commonly used in home decoration, and can be used on walls and floors. There are a variety of mosaic tiles available on the market, each with its own uses and characteristics. Mosaic is characterized by wear and slip resistance, so we will use it extensively on the walls and floors, for one thing it has decorative effect, for another the mosaic has anti-slip effect. but there are many kinds of mosaic materials, which one is better?

1.Mosaic types

Marble Mosaic

Marble mosaic is mainly made of natural marble stone, so it retains the most simple and natural texture, which is generally applied to our wall and floor decoration, showing its unique personality and charm.

The resin mosaic

The shape of the resin mosaic is irregular, can be very good to describe the pattern we want to express, can naturally imitate all kinds of skin, cloth, wood grain and metal material.

Ceramic mosaic

This mosaic is our most traditional mosaic, it is very small, and very monotonous, it can be very waterproof , moisture and wear resistance.

Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic is a relatively safe and commonly used building materials, although it’s common, and the color is relatively simple. But its quality is very light, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, more chemical resistance.

Metal Mosaics

Metal mosaics are mostly mosaics made of metal materials such as aluminum alloys, so the surface is relatively dull, and its color is relatively simple, generally the true color of raw materials.

Shell mosaic

Shell mosaic is mainly made of pearl shells, so its surface is relatively crystal clear, noble and charming, exudes the atmosphere of nature, is very environmentally friendly, so that people can stay away from all kinds of pollution.

2.Mosaic buying techniques

Mosaic decorative effect

Mosaic tiles are extremely rich in color and variety, Its use range is also very wide, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc., because it has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, etc., it is very convenient to use.

Mosaic low water absorption

This is the advantage of mosaic tiles, so you need to check the water absorption rate at the time of purchase by dropping the water onto the back of the mosaic to see if it penetrates the inside of the tile.

Uniform specifications of mosaic

Since the specifications of mosaic tiles are much smaller than other tiles, it is necessary to see if each piece is the same size when purchasing, so as not to affect the decoration effect.

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