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What kind of material is more suitable for toilet decoration
- Jul 13, 2018 -

There are three requirements for the selection and purchase of bathroom decoration materials:

1, waterproof: bathroom design is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. Because the water in the bathroom is very heavy, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof materials.

2, texture: natural stone, such as marble, has a special texture, but it can not be effective in a small bathroom. On the floor, natural stones are used for fear of floor tiles.

3, anti-skid: large ceramic tiles are easy to clean, easy to keep dry, and the practical value of plastic flooring is very high. With the help of studs, the skid resistance is more obvious.

4. The selection of ground materials

This type of font or other theme tiles is more suitable for local application. If it is used in the whole wall, it will be too chaotic. The mosaic can create various patterns, and it will not be similar to any other family. It is personalized and fashionable. It is the reason why people like it. It

5. Material purchase for wall materials

The tile is skew paving to enhance the activity of the space. Use wallpaper in places that do not splash water, so that the bathroom is visually coordinated with other spaces. Building a bathroom cabinet is a choice for many families to make the best use of bathroom space, but the bathroom cabinet must be environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, and not easily deformed.


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