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What kind of material is good for the swimming pool mosaic?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Mosaics, which are suitable for paving in swimming pools, are mainly made of two kinds of ceramic and glass materials. Strictly speaking, ceramics are most suitable for swimming pools.

1.The difference between ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic?

The ceramic mosaic is a mosaic produced by the ceramic production process. The raw material is the powder small particle after the spray granulation. After the machine is formed into a kiln, a part of the kiln is burnt (and a part of the glaze is reentered into the kiln). The kiln will light the surface directly or by the polishing process according to the requirements. The ceramic mosaic has been developed in recent years. It can make different surface gloss effects, different colors, with the advantages of high strength, toughness, heat shock and so on (contrast glass mosaic). The glass mosaic has a long history. It is produced by the glass production process. The raw material is melted into liquid in the glass furnace first, then it is cooled and formed to form different colors and bright surface. It is characterized by a very bright color (contrasting ceramic mosaic), but the characteristics of the brittleness and the difference of heat shock are characteristic of glass. It is also more prominent.


2, the advantages and disadvantages of glass mosaic?

The advantages of glass mosaics are bright colors, various colors and small color differences. Low price glass mosaic, the price has an advantage.

Disadvantages: if the glass mosaic is broken and fallen, it will be very stab and hurt; the function of paste is low, easy to fall off and not durable.


3, the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic mosaic?

The advantages of ceramic mosaic: stable physical and chemical properties, acid reducing, freezing resistance, such as crushing into powdery or diamond angle, not easy to stab people; not fading, burning through high temperature; strong stickup function, long use is not easy to fall off the current domestic paste material is seepage type, ceramic material has certain water absorption, so paste More solid, longer service life; rich in technology, crystal glaze, conventional bright surface, ice crack glaze, high grade; disadvantages: different batches may exist color difference.



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