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What is the size of the bathroom wall tiles?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Generally, the wall of the bathroom should be covered with wall and floor tiles. So what is the size of the wall tiles in the bathroom? Let's take a look at the following small series!


First, how big wall tiles are in the bathroom

1. What is the size of the bathroom wall tiles? The bathroom wall tiles are mainly glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and so on. The most commonly used in modern homes are glazed tiles. The basic specifications are 300×400mm, 300×300mm and 250×330mm. In general, wall tiles are available in sizes of 200 x 300 mm, 250 x 330 mm, 300 x 450 mm, and 300 x 600 mm. The large-sized wall brick has the characteristics of convenient paving and good flatness, while the small-sized wall brick has the characteristics of good decorative effect and magnifying the sense of space of the bathroom.

2, small area bathroom wall tile size If the bathroom area is relatively small, then you can use 200 × 300mm or 250 × 330mm size wall tiles, but the 200 × 300mm specifications are now rarely used. Therefore, the owner can try to choose a wall tile with a size of 300×300mm.

3, large-area bathroom wall tile size If the bathroom area is generally larger, then the wall tile can be used 300 × 450mm size or 300 × 600mm specifications. If the bathroom area is relatively large and the owner wants to decorate the high-end, then you can use the imitation marble wall tiles of 300×600mm size.


Second, bathroom wall tiles purchase skills

1. Pick the color The color of the bathroom wall tile can be selected according to the decoration style of the whole bathroom and the color that you like. Of course, for small-sized families, the color of the bathroom wall tiles is better, so don't choose black or dark. The light color refracts the line of sight from the light, making the bathroom look more spacious and bright.

2, see the water absorption rate Tea or water drops on the back of the wall tile to be selected, after a few minutes to observe the degree of diffusion of water droplets, the less water absorption, the better quality of the wall tiles. In short, the bathroom should choose a tile with low water absorption, so it is easy to dry after encountering water.

3, listening to the sound You can tap the wall tiles, listening to whether the sound is crisp. The more fragile the sound, the higher the texture density and the better the hardness of the tile. Such wall tiles are laid in the bathroom and are not easily damaged and are easy to maintain and clean.


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