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What is the price of glass mosaic? What are the decorative advantages?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Nowadays, mosaics are used in many places in home decoration, and mosaics are often found in some public places. As a decorative material, mosaic has not disappeared in the long river of history. It has become more prosperous and has been welcomed by many people. In terms of materials, many new materials have emerged, which have brought us more eye-catching effects. Among the many materials, glass mosaic can be said to be a very good choice, then you know the price of glass mosaic tile?

First, the price of mosaics

generally ranges from $10to $200 per square, while some gold mosaics even reach $1000 per square, while the price of ceramic mosaics ranges from $20 to $200 per square. The price of mosaic glass tile generally ranges from $30 to $80 square meters, so we generally use several mosaic materials to learn about the different mosaic prices.


Second, the personality design

mosaic with small body, varied specifications, rich colors, free to mix, for crystal glass mosaic, you can play to the extreme, and it can be mixed with other types of mosaic, such as and magic Color glass mosaic, gold star line glass mosaic, and other combinations. According to the designer's creativity, you can satisfy all your own styles and personalities and all the ideas you love.


Third, the three-dimensional space

The use of crystal glass mosaic to increase the visual space and three-dimensional sense, with its unique transparent, clear glass characteristics, coupled with artistic processing, making it particularly popular. Round and straight edges, smooth and frosted, use color change according to the degree of need, giving a visual enjoyment.


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