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What is the difference between vitrified tiles and full-glazed tile?
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Now, whether it is our own house or some public areas, such as some schools, hospitals and stations, we usually put floor tiles on the ground. First, using floor tiles can make our environment beautiful. And we are more convenient in the later cleaning process. However, there are many types of floor tiles, such as our most common vitrified tiles. It is not only smooth and bright, but also very durable. There is also a kind of full glaze tile. So which one is better between them?


First, the water absorption rate is not the same.

The two floor tiles we are talking about today are actually the same products, and the structure of the embryo body is the same, but the vitrified brick body is manufactured by ultra-high temperature treatment, the hardness is very high, and the water absorption rate is extremely low. However, the embryo body of the fully polished glazed tile is also fired at a high temperature, but the requirement is not so high, so the water absorption rate will be higher.

Second, the production process comparison

Because of the production process, the texture of the vitrified tile is relatively simple, and the production process of the glazed texture of the full glaze is extremely high, which is more complicated than the general glazed brick process, but it does not have verification. Brick wear-resistant, so this is also its drawback.

Third, the surface of the non-slip wear-resistant

vitrified tile is relatively smooth and smooth, so the surface needs special treatment to make it non-slip and wear-resistant, but the texture of the full-glazed glaze is very rich, and the color is also very rich.

Fourth, which is better

No matter what kind of tile is good, we still have to look at our own preferences and paving places when choosing. For example, if it is just a single wall, you can directly choose the full-glazed tiles with rich patterns and patterns. this will make people shine, it can improve the decorative effect.


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