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What is the difference between the full glazed tile and the polished tile? Which one is better?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Whether it is public or home improvement, ceramic tiles are one of the commonly used wall decoration materials. Today, there are many types of tiles, mainly polished tiles, glazed tiles, antique tiles and vitrified tiles. Among them, the full polished glazed tile belongs to the category of glazed tiles, but it has a high similarity with polished tiles, and many people cannot distinguish them. So which is the glazed tile and polished tile? What are the differences?


First, the texture of the polished tile is larger, it can not show the detailed texture, because its texture is made of stone grain crystal, has a strong three-dimensional sense; and the texture of the full polished glaze can be as small as a needle thread, it is Made from stone texture, the surface is printed, which can be more delicate and rich, similar to glass.


Second, the color, polished tile surface does not have much difference in each color, the color transition is natural, the color performance is also relatively simple; and the full polished glaze tile is different, the same tile can accommodate a variety of Different colors, completely independent of color, very bright, and then look at the side of the tiles, there are more obvious layers.


Third, the specification of polished tiles has a variety of specifications, generally expressed as 600 × 600mm, 800 × 800mm large-size floor tiles, suitable for the living room, bedroom and other areas of the laying; and the full glaze tiles specifications are less, generally 300 × 300mm Small floor tiles, suitable for the laying of kitchen and bathroom floors.

Fourth. polishing tile is made by infiltrating the color into the interior of the tile. It can be observed from the side. The color of the tile at 1-2mm below the surface is the same as the surface; the color of the full glaze tile On the other hand, its coloring material does not penetrate into the interior of the brick body at all, and only forms a very thin color layer on the surface, which can be seen from the side of the brick body.

Fifth. Flatness, The surface of the polished glaze tile is similar to that of the glass glaze. The brightness is higher than that of the polished tiles. The surface of the polished tiles looks flatter. In comparison, the surface of the polished glaze has a certain ripple.

Sixth, the production process, polishing tile is made on the basis of the full body tile, that is, one of the full body tile is polished by high temperature, which belongs to the bright full body tile, which is smoother than the traditional full body tile and has hard wear resistance. The glaze is made by polishing on the glaze surface. The advantages of polished tiles and antique bricks are combined. The surface is smooth and bright, and the colors and patterns are rich.

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