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What is the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles?
- May 23, 2018 -

First, what are the polished tiles and the polished glazed tiles?

The polished tile is a kind of bright tile formed by the surface of the whole brick body after certain grinding, which is a kind of whole body tile.

Glazed tile is a new process porcelain tile that can be polished in the glaze. It has a smooth and bright surface, rich colors, and a complex manufacturing process. Both set the advantages of polished tiles, but also the advantages of antique tiles.

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Second, the difference between polished tiles and polished glazed tiles

1, the color of different tiles is relatively single color, there is not much change, the difference between the various colors of the brick surface will not be too strong.

The glazed tiles are glazed after being printed on the patterns, and the colors are relatively bright, and they are completely unrestricted. Red, yellow, blue, and blue are completely free of problems.

2, different lines

The texture of polished tiles and polished glaze tile is not the same. The texture of polished tiles cannot be made very small. The glazed polished tiles can be made into fine lines like needlework. 3, different adobe

Polished tile infiltrate color into adobe. The glazed tiles will not infiltrate into the tile body at all. Look at the side of the tiles. Glazed tiles are more clearly stratified. Obviously glazed surfaces can be seen. If the tile surface is only one layer of very bright color, it is definitely Glazed tiles.

4, different wear resistance

The glazed tile is a layer of glaze on the surface of the polished tile. In contrast, the brightness is good and the permeability is good, but the wear resistance is not as good as that of the polished tile.

The glazed polished tile is glazed on the surface and is very thin. The wear resistance is not so strong.



Third, polished tiles and polished glaze which is better?

The surface of the polished tile is very thick, relatively hard-wearing, hard and suitable for large-scale indoor and outdoor installations such as balconies and external wall decorations. However, the polished holes left by the polished tile will cause filth and easily infiltrate the surface.

Glazed tiles have a special glaze on the surface. This glaze can be polished. This kind of tile is usually used for tile in the living room and bedroom floors. The surface of the tile is smooth and bright. At the same time, the glaze color is rich in patterns like rustic tiles, and the colors are heavy or beautiful.

However, because the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, the price is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the hardness of the glaze is not as strong as that of the polished tile, and it is relatively non-abrasive.

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