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What is mosaic? What kind of material of mosaic tiles?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

What is mosaic? The mosaic is more used in the bathroom of our home, and it can be used as an embellishment to bring a very good decorative effect. So, do you know about mosaics?

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1.the decorative effect

The size of such tiles is small. To form a large tile, it must be composed of dozens of mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are often used for wall or small floor decoration. Because mosaic tiles have a small unit area and a wide variety of colors, it has an infinite combination.

Second, the material effect

Glass mosaic has rich color, ceramic mosaic is waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean characteristics such as plasticity is not strong, less color, more monotonous.

Third, wear resistance

Most of the main raw materials of the mosaic are natural stone. In terms of its wear resistance, it is incomparable with decorative materials such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors. Because of the large gap between each small particle of the mosaic tile, its resistance to stress is more than that of other decorative materials.

Fourth, environmental protection effects

Mosaic tiles are made from raw materials and do not contain any harmful substances in their production. In today's era of pursuing environmental protection and pursuing nature, these mosaic tiles made of natural materials meet the environmental protection concept of people.

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