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What is a polished tile? The advantages and disadvantages of polished tiles
- Apr 06, 2018 -

1, the advantages of polished tiles:

(1) No radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral substance that has not been sintered at high temperature, so it contains individual trace radioactive elements. Long-term exposure will be harmful to the human body; polished tiles will not cause harm to the human body.

(2) Basic controllable no color difference: natural stone has a large color difference due to digenesis time, rock formation depth and depth, polished tiles are carefully deployed, and the same batch of products have the same color pattern, basically no color difference.

(3) Large bending strength: Natural stone is formed naturally, and the time and weathering of natural stone are not the same, resulting in different densities and strengths. The polished tile is pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, and sintered at high temperature above 1200°C. .

(4) Thin bricks and light weight: Because of the low strength of natural stone, the thickness of the natural stone is large and bulky, which increases the load of the building on the floor, poses a potential threat, increases the cost, and increases difficulties in transportation and paving.


 2, the shortcomings of polished tiles

One of the fatal disadvantages of polished tiles is that they are dirty, which is caused by the uneven pores that the polished tiles leave during polishing. These pores can be filthy, and even some of the tea poured down on the polished tiles. Perhaps the industry is aware of this point. Later, some quality polished tiles were added with a layer of antifouling at the factory, but this layer of antifouling also made the tiles lose the effect of bricks. If you want to continue the whole body, you have to continue to brush the defense layer. In the decoration industry, water wax is applied before construction to prevent sticking.


   3, how to maintain the polished tiles

(1) Regular neutral detergent to clean the surface, remove the general stains, can not use any strong acidic cleaners, such as clean toilets clean the net clean effect was indeed very good, but it also burned the crystals of the polished tiles The surface of the layer increases the size of the pores. From the second day onwards, it becomes darker and darker, because the surface layer has been "burned out" and it is not stain resistant. (2) Neutral crystal face care.

(3) Special stains such as tea stains, fruit stains, coffee stains, ink stains, etc. H2O2 with a high purity of 27.5% or more can be removed with paper towels and soaked for 2-3 hours. After our introduction, what must be polished? What are the advantages and disadvantages of polished tiles? Already understand it. It is an indisputable fact that tile is an important building material in home decoration anyway, and the application range of tiles is extremely wide, especially before wood flooring is widely used in interior decoration. Although wood floors have already accounted for half of the building materials market, even if wooden floors are chosen as the main building material for floor decoration, floors and walls in places such as kitchens and bathrooms must use tiles.


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