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What color is suit for kitchen wall tiles?
- Sep 11, 2018 -

In many homes, the area left for the kitchen will not be much, wall tiles are the most important material in the kitchen, and you can use more in your choice of colors.

First, the vitality of green is the representative of vitality and vitality. It is a color that many people love. It is also a good idea to use it in kitchen decoration. The green tiles immediately make the kitchen full of new ideas, creating different small spaces in the rain. If the cabinets in the home are white, and the green tiles match each other, it will be more refreshing and pleasant. If you cook in such a kitchen, the mood is definitely happy.


Second, the warm yellow. The home itself is the land of people's quality after work, the kitchen is a delicious place to cook, delicious food, the warmth of gathering with family, how fascinating. So warm yellow on the choice of tiles is a good option. The warm yellow lattice wall tiles not only bring a warm feeling, but also dilute the crowded feeling brought by the small space, making the whole kitchen space visually larger.


Third, the stylish gray. In fact, most families just lack the choice of tiles. The gray wall tiles look simple and beautiful. Let the small space become mysterious and stylish, low-key color, do not have to worry about being eliminated by the times. To prevent the wall from being too hollow, add some fun accessories.


Fourth, the refreshing blue color has always been regarded as a representative color of refreshing. The kitchen is a place with a lot of oily smoke, which often brings a dull feeling. you can use cool colors. Come to decorate the kitchen. The blue wall tiles are matched with the white cabinets, which not only brighten up the whole space, but also bring a very refreshing feeling. It is very enjoyable.


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