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What ceramic tiles are used in the living room
- May 21, 2018 -

One: how to determine the ceramic tile specification

Please do not think that as long as the tiles look good, they can be affixed to your space. This is not right. In fact, tile needs overall effect, and it is difficult to imagine if the whole space is suitable for itself. The first thing we want to know is how to determine the specifications of tile. It

The specification of ceramic tile specifications is many, generally well known is 300, 600, 800, and in the living room such space, the use of tile specifications are generally 600 or 800. Then, how do we decide which tile specification to use? The method is very simple, the area in the 30 square living room, it is necessary to use 800 tiles, if it is less than this value, the spread of 800 tiles, will appear floor tiles space monotonous.

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Two: select the main hue of the living room

I believe you do not have a good main color scheme before buying ceramic tiles. Please don't worry. We can first look at the home of your heart, or the color of the ideal curtains and doors, and finally make a tile main tone. Of course, the style is to keep the same.

Here we also give you a color matching scheme. If you want the luxury style of the European style and the color of the tile, it is necessary to match with home. If it is in the pastoral style, it is necessary to select the ceramic tiles, some warm colors, and the reelection, because the most important thing in the pastoral style is to look at the collocation of the tiles.


Three: what ceramic tiles are used

There are many kinds of ceramic tiles in the living room. Now the most popular living room tiles in the market are polished tiles, all thrown glazes and microcrystalline stones. As for the living room generally use what tiles, this is in accordance with personal preferences, and the cost of decoration costs. The polishing brick is the cheapest and most wearable of the tiles, and the full cast glaze and microcrystal are expensive, and the full glaze is not wearable with the polished tiles. If you buy the tile with no quality, the glaze of the full glazed tile will soon be worn off, and it is another thing to change at the time.

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