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What are the techniques for buying wood tile?
- Sep 01, 2018 -

As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the choice of decoration materials is increasingly biased towards environmental protection. Among them, wood grain bricks are in line with this point. How to choose wood tiles?

1, the less repeat the wood grain, the better

For wood tiles, the unique texture is its anti-counterfeiting mark. Generally, high-quality, high-end wood grain tile products are difficult to find repeated faces, and after locking a product, it is necessary to carefully observe the surface. Whether the wood grain tile has a repetition.


2, the design is different

When decorating the home, people like their own home style is different. As the basic material of the wall and floor, wood grain tiles occupy a large area in the home decoration, so when purchasing, it is preferred to have a product with a good sense of design and personality.


3, physical performance must be excellent

As a decoration material, excellent physical properties are essential. In particular, the materials laid on the floor of the home, when buying, need to ask the sales staff to understand its physical properties, specifications, water absorption and other aspects of compliance with standards.


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