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What are the specifications of ceramic tiles?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Floor Tile

Floor tile is the decorative material for floor. It is made of clay. Floor tiles have a variety of specifications and it’s Strong quality, small bulk, pressure resistance, moisture resistance. It is decorated by the glaze treatment. They are mostly used for the floors of public buildings and civil buildings.

Floor tile specification

Generally, there are 1200*600, 1000*1000, 800*800, 600*600, 400*400, 330*330, 300*300mm.

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Wall tile

Wall tiles are suitable for toilets, kitchens and outdoor balconies. Wall tile is an effective way to protect the wall from splashing.

They are not only used for walls, but also for decorative decoration on doors and windows. They are also an interesting decorative element. The decorative wall tiles used for skirting lines are beautiful and protect the wall foundation, and are not easily stained by shoes or tables or chairs or stools.

Wall tiles can be divided into exterior wall bricks and inner wall tiles.

Generally, there are  600*300, 300*450, 300*200, 100*100mm.

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