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What are the misunderstandings of paving wall tiles?
- Nov 16, 2018 -

 The misunderstandings of paving wall tiles

Many owners choose ceramic tiles to decorate the wall when they are decorating their own homes. For the two special spaces of kitchen and bathroom, wall tiles must be paved. Many people may think that wall tile paving is very simple. In fact, it is not easy for some unprofessional decorators to make low-level mistakes.

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I. Ignore the performance of ceramic tiles

In the process of paving wall tiles, many people are easy to ignore the performance of the tiles and do not follow the regulations. In order to save costs, some people put glazed wall tiles on the ground. This wrong approach must be avoided.

2. the ordinary floor tiles used as wall tiles

Many workers will use ordinary floor tiles as wall tiles, which will greatly affect the later use effect. In fact, ordinary glazed floor tiles can not be used as wall tiles, and exterior wall tiles can be used as interior wall tiles, but interior wall tiles can never be used as exterior wall tiles.

3, the use of large-size tiles to paste the wall surface is good

Some people mistakenly believe that the larger the tile size, the fewer seams will be posted. But what everyone needs to know is that small rooms are not suitable for large-size tiles, because it will not only cause waste, but also be not beautiful.

4, the seamless tiles are the smaller the more beautiful

In fact, the seamless brick does not mean completely seamless, you must remember to leave a suitable seam. Generally, the size of the seamless brick should be about 1-1.5mm, not less than 1mm; the special effect can also widen the gap to 5mm.


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