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What are the mistakes when purchasing bathroom wall tiles?
- Oct 09, 2018 -

What are the mistakes when purchasing bathroom wall tiles?

First, seamless tile paving without gaps

Seamless tile paving will have no gaps, this is a confusion between nouns and concepts. Tile paving needs to test the problem of thermal expansion and contraction in two natural laws. When laying seamless tile, it is necessary to leave gaps, the gap is about 1-1.5mm, or the size of the gas nail is used as a reference.

Second, polished tile non-slip

polished tile high finish, brick surface flatness, can fully contact with the sole, thereby increasing the friction between the tile surface and the sole, achieving a non-slip effect .

Third, the thicker the better

The quality of the tile is not in its thickness, but in its own texture. At present, the development direction of international architectural ceramic products is light, thin, strong, durable and personalized. The size of the tile must be considered in consideration of the actual space. The living room floor tiles must also take into account the size of the actual visible area, which refers to the size of the area that can be seen by people after the furniture is placed.



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