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What are the maintenance methods for polished glazed tiles?
- Oct 22, 2018 -

What should we pay attention to when using polished glazed tiles? What are the methods for maintaining it?


1, daily cleaning

To maintain the full polished glazed tiles, we must first pay attention to daily cleaning. Try to avoid using wet mops and dry mopping, which can prevent mold from appearing due to moisture. If the dirty area is large, we can choose to use the detergent, but remember that the amount of detergent must be less to avoid corroding the inside of the tile.

2, you can use soapy water

To maintain a full polished glazed tile, you can also use soapy water to remove dirt. This will make the tiles more clean and bright, but also beautiful. However, after using soapy water, be sure to dry it with a dry towel to prevent water stains from entering the interior of the tile.

3, brush waterproofing agent

In order to maintain a good polished glazed tile, but also a layer of waterproofing agent. This not only prevents the growth of mold, but also keeps it bright. In the brush waterproofing agent, you can use a brush.

4, Slight scratch treatment

To maintain the polished glazed tiles, but also deal with minor scratches. This not only effectively extends its service life, but also ensures its aesthetics. If the area of the tile is damaged, we can ask the professional to come to the door for repair.

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