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What are the kitchen floor tiles
- Jun 30, 2018 -

1, the tiles used in polished tiles and kitchen tiles are waterproof and non-slip. The kitchen needs to deal with water and oil every day. Therefore, we can first consider the polished tiles, the surface after physical grinding, looks very smooth, but it is also non-slip, the surface is a matt style, water splashing on the surface will not make people slippery. It is very suitable for places with excessive water vapors such as kitchens and toilets, and it has a wide range of styles for everyone to choose from.

2, full body tile, when choosing the kitchen floor tile is a good choice. Because the two sides of the full body tiles are the same from the material or the color, and the full body tile is the most waterproof non-slip effect.

3, the decoration effect of the mosaic and mosaic tiles, although resistant, it is non-slip but not suitable for kitchen floor decoration. Because there are many cracks in the mosaic tiles, and the kitchen is a type of water and oil pollution, the stains that remain on the mosaic tiles for a long time are difficult to work with.


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